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Right Eminent Grand Commander.
Sir. Clarence J. Gillard, Jr.
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Pelican Grand Commandery of Louisiana was established in 1885.

The Grand Commandery, is a non-profit organization which embodies and attractive system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols. The fraternity, founded upon Christian principles established in the Holy Bible, strives to teach a man the duty he owes to God, his neighbor, and to himself; but interferes neither with religion or politics as it prescribes the practice of virtues in the conduct of its business. The foundation is Character. Its purpose is Service. Its measure is giving. Making “Good Men Better” perpetuates its foundation. Its purpose is service which is rendered to the people of Louisiana to improve their social, cultural, and economic conditions. Its measure is giving, an act of unselfish sacrifice for the benefit of others. This Mission statement is promulgated by The Grand Commandery, and Its Jurisdiction and Constituent Bodies, and the subordinate Commanderies owing obedience to the same, and by its Supreme Authority.

The purpose of the Grand Commandery, is to control and regulate the practice throughout its jurisdiction, in accordance with immemorial usage of this Ancient and Honorable Order, and to advance the moral and social interests of its membership’s honesty, industry, and upright living; to cultivate the exercise of charity in its best and broadest sense; to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and bind the wounds of the afflicted; to assist the Widows and Orphans of its deceased Sir Knights, to stimulate friendship, harmony and brotherly love and generally to promote in its own way, the happiness of mankind.


Call the 73rd Annual Grand Convocation

Whereas, The Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons for the State of Louisiana and Jurisdictions wishes to announce its 73rd Annual Grand Convocation for the year 2018. The City of Alexandria, LA has been chosen for the Annual Convocation.

Therefore, I, Harold W. Jett, Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the M.E. Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons for the State of Louisiana, by the power vested in me, I hereby notify you that the Grand Chapter will assemble at the Best Western Hotel, Alexandria, LA, Friday July 27 – 29, 2018, for transacting such business as may legally come before it.

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Call the 58th Annual Grand Conclave


By the Authority contained in Article II, Section I of our Constitution and by the authority vested in me as the Right Eminent Grand Commander of Knights Templar for the State of Louisiana, I hereby CALL the Pelican Grand Commandery to convene in its 58th Annual Grand Conclave on July 25-29, 2018 at the Best Western Inn and Conference Center; 2720 N. MacArthur Dr. Alexandria, Louisiana 71303.

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Call the 7th Annual Grand Assembly

 I, Most Illustrious Jeffrey N Beasley, by virtues of the powers vested in me as Grand Thrice Illustrious Master of this Grand Council; do hereby CALL the Illustrious Pelican Grand Council, Royal and Select Masters to convene in its 7h Annual Grand Assembly, July 25 – 29, 2018 in the City of Alexandria, LA at the Best Western of Alexandria Inn & Suites, located at 2720 N. MacArthur Dr. Alexandria, Louisiana 71303




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